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5 Books That Changed My Life In 2021

Updated: Feb 16

2021 was the year I got my reading mojo back after 2020 being a historically stressful one!

I discovered some new books that literally changed my life.

As a book lover I love bouncing around genres. Last year was no joke! I went from whimsical afternoon tea parties, to chasing the bright side of life, to a trip to a midnight library, following with an adventure on the greek island of Corfu and I finally came up for breath in a futuristic New York city, following a detective on a murder investigation. All this from the comfort of my home! It was superb and very eye opening for me.

Let's dive into why these books changed my life...

The Art Of Tea from the editors of Victoria magazine

I LOVE drinking tea! It's a comforting and every day pleasure for me. Discovering this beautifully well thought out book was such a treat. After the year of 2020 where everything was shut down. This book gifted me the inspiration and desire to pursue living a life of beauty. It whisked me away to memories of before the pandemic of experiencing the event of a well crafted and planned out affair of having afternoon tea. It allowed me to explore the rituals and recipes at the heart of a tradition that connects generations and cultures around the world. The visual delights of the beautiful photography had me ahhhing and oooing over the linens, china, silver and lush bouquets of flowers. I wanted to eat every tasty morsel on the tiered trays that graced the pages. This book made me pause for a moment of pure bliss while sipping the warmth of my freshly brewed tea from my favorite teacup. It is a book that I would gift friends who share the same passion for afternoon tea as I.

Chasing The Bright Side by Jess Ekstrom

I randomly saw this book advertised on Facebook Ads. I don't normally purchase books based on ads, I usually go by recommendations or trending. But the cover grabbed me and my instincts kicked in that I had to buy this book. It helped that it was endorsed by the cofounder and CEO of Netflik. He said "It's a page turner that you won't be able to put down until you've finished but holds lessons that will revel themselves to you for a lifetime." I thought what do I have to loose? and what can I gain from reading it?

I read that book in 2 days. I couldn't put it down. Boy did it give me a wake up call, it also gave me some inspired action to send a short story out to a publishing house which I've wished to do for years. In a crazy turn of events I went from unpublished aspiring writer to having my first short story being published in a worldwide known book series within two months of reading this book. This book gave me the kick up the arse I needed, and the inspiration to take action in every aspect of my life. Of course I'm still a work in progress, however I now have goals that I'm reaching for and actually achieving. If I can give you one piece of advice it's this - read this book it will give you some inspired action for yourself to follow your dreams. The book my story appears in will be available to purchase in March 2022.

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

This book crossed my radar on Instagram months before I finally purchased it. When it found me I had just experienced a wonderful morning celebrating my birthday with a few of my friends in Calabasas. I don't know whether the morning mimosas helped influence my purchase, but I wanted to treat myself to a good book for my birthday. I saw this book in the window of Barnes and Noble (Yes! Real bookshops still exist!) and I said to myself that's my birthday book. I devoured this fantastic piece of penmanship in 3 days and it was a complete eye opener, of Holy moly let's look back at my life and reexamine all the what if's I had gone down that life path scenario's. It is an elegantly written masterpiece of shedding regret by gaining perspective. It’s full of quirky plot lines, with glimpses of opportunities and potential in unexpected places and people. I promise it will give the reader an opportunity to explore their relationship with regret and what really makes a perfect life. Just buy this book and read it....with a good drink!

The Stars of Fortune Book One of The Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts

I've had this books series sitting on my bookshelf for years. It wasn't until I was a year into homeschooling my son due to the pandemic, that I needed an adventure from the safety of my armchair. This book delivered. First off I'm ashamed that I only discovered the brilliant writing of Nora Roberts at the grand old age of 41. I wanted to scream where has this author been all my life?

She is a word artist and I wish I could write words on the page like she does. She captivates magic, adventure and the settings in such a way that you wish you were the actual characters living their lives. I've gone on to read quite a few of her other books and I love the familiarity you get. She's forever earned a prized place on my shelves and I use her for my inspiration to keep writing.

Naked In Death by J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts

As soon as I started this book her style of writing swept me up and I had to find out whodunnit. Naked in Death was a complete escape for me to venture into a world I normally wouldn't. It was exciting. This story is a very fast paced, gripping thriller, full of mystery, suspense and crime with no holding back on the gory details and some twists in the tale. Nothing is too predictable before it reaches a satisfying conclusion. This was a complete 180 degrees from what I normally read. Yet it captivated me so much, that I wanted to know more about this futuristic world based in the 2050's. Interplanetary travel is very much possible and the development and passion between the lead couple is intense. They seem so different in character, yet so perfect for one another. Neither of the people in the relationship are perfect, and they have baggage and lots of issues, but they communicate and respect each other which I enjoyed. With their ability to have a healthy relationship, despite lots of roadblocks allowed me to stay focused on the crime and where the story was going. I'm just about to start book 2 and I can't wait.


I hope you enjoyed my heartfelt tribute to the power of the written word in the books that changed my life in 2021. Maybe this post will inspire you to read one or all of the books. I'm excited to get my TBR pile going for 2022, while I am still stuck in the mists of on again off again homeschooling saga, thanks to whatever new strain of covid is now sweeping across the world. I'm very much looking forward to the quiet moments, I can get lost in a good book with my cup of tea and find some adventure, advice or inspiration.

Tell me, was there any books that changed your life in 2021? or one's that were just a good read? Drop me a comment below or head over to my facebook page and leave me a message..

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Happy Reading,



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