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5 Things I Want To Help My Readers With

My blog exists to share thoughtful, honest and interesting perspectives and viewpoints that make you think more deeply about books. The posts will be anchored in my personal interests, which center on classic and contemporary fiction and non fiction books. I want to:

  1. Empower people to read

  2. Recommend only the best books

  3. Showcase the best products to enhance your reading life

  4. Provide updates on my writing progress and story releases

  5. Write regular blog posts to help readers on their reading journey

1. Empower people to read

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Joseph Addison penned this quote roughly 300 years ago and it still rings true! Reading can challenge your imagination, inspire creativity, introduce you to new ideas, solve problems, teach empathy and make you smart! It's amazing that reading can boost your brain which in turn improves your writing techniques, vocabulary and spelling.

2. Recommend only the best books

Us book worms need to stick together. In these blog posts I will be writing down my thoughts, opinions, reviews, favorite quotes, notes and other useful information on various books. I've read quite a fair bit over the years and I think I can inspire you to pick up a book or 2 with my favorite book lists. I plan to rate the plot, characters, ease of reading and the quality of writing.

3. Showcase the best products to enhance your reading life

Book-loving friends seem easy to shop for — just buy them a book, right? But if you stop to think about it, do you have any idea exactly which book? Do you know what they’ve already read? Do you know the celebrated authors they secretly hate and the unheard-of ones they love? Luckily, you can avoid that mess by giving a book-adjacent gift instead. I'm making it my mission to track down the best gifts for bookworms — that aren’t books.

4. Provide updates on my writing progress

I'm currently writing between 3 different genres, short story chapter books for kids, YA fantasy and flash fiction. I want you to come on my writing journey with me and let's see how far I can go! Fingers crossed for landing an agent and book deal! A women's gotta dream, right?

5. Write blog posts to help readers with their reading journey

In these blog posts I want to help you discover more about your reading habits, so you can tailor your TBR list. I plan to post helpful tips, artful opinions and musings on the topic.


As an avid reader I am excited to share with you my own personal journey into the world of books. I hope to create a community where you can come to get support, ideas, tips and motivation to provide a lifetime love of reading for you and your loved ones.

Share this post with your fellow reading friends and let's connect on Facebook or Instagram. I would love to get a reading support group going. Drop a comment below or on my social media accounts.

Thanks for reading,



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