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Born To Read Babies Bookshelves For The Nursery.

Help yourself and your child get organized from the get go with a bookcase for their

story-time favorites. We are lucky to live in a world where there are countless designs to accommodate everyone's style, budget and taste. Whether your child’s room is tiny or generous in size, you will find a bookcase that will fit just right in their space.

To cut down on the clutter, creating a space to display your child's special stories, is an important part of nurturing a love of reading and books. That’s where any of these gorgeous nursery bookshelves come in! Not only do these nursery bookcases offer a much-needed nursery storage solution, they can also be an integral part of your nursery decor.

Thankfully the traditional wooden bookcase are no longer your only option. From floating shelves to thematic nursery bookcases, here are some of my favorites.

Dollhouse Nursery Bookshelves

Photo & To Purchase: Potterybarn Kids

The dollhouse nursery bookcase is a hot trend right now and I can see why, it's gorgeous! It's giving me all the heart eyes, as it is a great transitional piece for a nursery. To begin with, it can be used for your child's books and trinket storage in the early years, and then later on, for playtime with their dolls. Genius!

Rainbow Nursery Bookshelves

Photo: StudioDIY

Take floating nursery bookshelves to another colorful level with rainbow bookshelves. Use all the colors in the rainbow, as seen here—or stick to a few that work with your color scheme. No matter what, the result is fabulous and will have you feeling like you struck gold with this colorful combo.

Stylish Nursery Bookrack

Photo & To Purchase: West Elm

This bookcase screams grown-up vibe. Making it a stylish choice for the nursery because of it's longevity. I love this style with the bars across the front to make sure books stay in place. Therefore making clean-up a breeze for you - the busy parent.

Easy-Access Nursery Book Caddy

Photo & To Purchase: Crate & Barrel

This book storage manger offers you three advantages, right off the starting line of parenthood.

1. It gets your baby started with the book-browsing action we all love doing at the bookstore.

2. It keeps your organizational stress to a minimum.

3. It encourages your baby to participate in both selecting and cleaning up their own books. That's a win win in my parent book. If they don't end up clearing up their mess which is possible, this low nursery book manger lets you dump your baby's books after story-time quickly and easily.

Tree Nursery Bookcase

Photo & To Purchase: Fawn and Forest

Looking at this creative idea of storing books. I'm just gonna say it for you “ooh and aah I want it”.

This absolutely darling little nursery bookcase from Fawn and Forest is perfect for an eye catching display of books for your baby. It gives you endless ways to store all your books in its branches and a ton of compliments from family and friends when they see it.

Leaning Nursery Bookshelves

Photo & To Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids

Thoughtfully designed with classic style and lasting durability in mind, this eye-catching leaning bookcase is a must-have for your space. With five deep shelves, there’s ample room to display everything you have for your baby the decor, toys and of course their favorite books. More importantly, it’s constructed from made-to-last materials to ensure safety, stability and longevity.

Floating Nursery Bookshelves

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/PinguWood

There's a big trend on these floating bookshelves. They can be a fun way to showcase books (or art) in any room of your house. They are perfect in your baby's room because little hands will find it easy to grab their favorite books. From acrylic to metal to wood versions. There are so many options for hanging bookshelves like these in your nursery.

Elephant Baby Room Bookshelf

Photo & To Purchase: Crate & Barrel

I couldn't resist this swoon-worthy animal-shaped bookcase because elephant's hold a special place in my heart. It was the first word my son randomly said out loud. This elephant baby room bookcase is fun and holds a ton of your favorite books.

Nursery Bookcase & Dresser Combo

Photo & To Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids

I know being a parent is all about multi-tasking. This bookcase & dresser combo is one of those investment pieces for the nursery that is absolutely worth it. With all the ways it will continue to accommodate your child as he or she grows up. It's such a great idea, you can store all your child's things with style and ease in a highly functional, sturdy cabinet system. I know that over time the ratio of books to clothes or toys can shift steadily as baby grows into a toddler, a big kid, and then a teen.


As time with your baby is so fleeting, when you make the time to stop, read and explore with them, you want their books to be easily accessible. With all the fun designs we looked at today, any bookcase you pick for your children’s room will make for an excellent focal point. Whether you’re looking for a bookcase that can be placed on a table, wall or floor. Depending on what you decide that fits, within your space and decor style, your little reader will be in for a treat that will set them up on the road to reading success.

Here's a recap with my

Born To Read Buying Guide

Let’s consider what will work for your space and baby the best. Your child's little hands and minds can have a tough time, coordinating putting a book back on the bookcase while holding a row of books up.

If your baby's space is really small and your little one has just started their collection of books, you might want to consider a table-top basket or box.

There are bookcase versions that are a beautiful manger-style caddy. These cradle the books, making it easy for little children to place books in neatly. They typically have a shelf underneath too that can accommodate even more books or little keepsakes for greater organization.

If you would prefer a bookcase that will grow with your child and can handle an array of heavy books without a problem, a wooden bookcase is your best option. Wood can handle everything from large books to heavy toys and other decorative items you might want to display. Look for a bookcase with a solid construction that will last for years to come. Potterybarn Kids among others, within this blog post have an impressive collection of timeless bookcases, that can grow with your child through the teen and possibly even college years.

Tips and Advice on the perfect bookcase for your baby.

  • It's a no brainer but make sure the bookcase you choose is made of a material that is safe for children.

  • Grab that tape measure and measure your space before purchasing a bookcase for the room.

  • Make sure to use an anchor bracket on tall bookcases to prevent them from tipping over. This is very important, as little ones often try to climb on taller pieces of furniture.

While doing research for this blog post I came across this fun fact on children's bookcases:

John Danner invented a revolving bookcase in 1876 and patented it. The bookcase had a pivot feature that would allow it to turn. His design was loved for its efficient use of space. It was so innovative at the time, his design won a gold medal at the Paris International Exhibition in 1878. WOW!

Leave a comment below with your favorite babies bookcase design.

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