• Emma Cohan

Create A Reading Haven

While reading is a great activity that can be done anywhere. Having a dedicated space in your home just for you and your books creates a haven for you to relax and unwind after a long day. There's nothing I love more then pouring myself a hot cup of tea, setting up camp in my favorite turquoise blue armchair and breezing through a good page turner.

Us readers know that reading is a worthwhile time-honored pursuit that offers us a much needed reprieve from the chaos of our every day lives. I like to think that reading is an essential form of self care. It's that reminder that you need to relax and simply enjoy the moment. Having a reading haven gives you a physical feeling that it's time to unwind, find the calm and dive into a new world of possibilities. When I step into my designated reading space, my brain and body reset - I know that nothing needs to be completed or accomplished. My brain knows that I can mentally let go and get lost in a book.

So what makes a great reading haven?

1. You need to make it comfy

Add a comfortable chair, some comfy pillows, a cozy blanket and a great rug.

2. You need to make it inviting

Add a side table next to your chair to hold your drink, maybe a candle to set the mood and a plant to create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere.

3. You need to add lighting

Whether you have a free standing light next to your chair or a table lamp, having a good reading light close by ensures good page illumination.

4. You need to make it magical

You can bring your reading haven to life with some bits and baubles and art that reflect your style and personality.


Any book lover will agree, reading isn't just a hobby it's an essential form of self care. By creating a reading haven for you or your family it upgrades your space and gives you a much needed oasis away from the chaos of our every day lives.

Do you have a reading haven? Let me know below or leave me a message on my facebook page

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