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  • Emma Cohan

Happy New Year...Wait it's 2023?

Holy Moly where did these last few months go?

I know where!

I've been busy with my son and my whole family. As any parents know when October hits its a busy time for us parents. We don't stop till the new year when the kids are back to school after celebrating all the holidays from October to December.

I got swept up in the madness of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day traditions and then my son's Birthday January 3rd! Can I just sit down please for a moment and catch my breath!

Let's throw in 3 road trips to Las Vegas to see family and I haven't had much time to myself to do my reading or writing and I'm sad. Not for the incredible time I had with family and friends but the fact anything I wanted to do for myself got pushed out on hold till the new year.

However I'm incredibly proud that my brother in law opened his first ever cafe and market in Las Vegas and it's stunning, the food is fantastic not just because he's family but because he knows what he's doing and he's created a fabulous menu. Which you can check out here and also follow him on instagram if you wish!

As this new year continues I've made a pact with myself to keep writing and reading when I can, to post blog posts and any social media when I can and to really live life every day with no regrets. Would I love to be posting all the time? Sure! But and this is big but! It's time consuming, being a mom, wife, reader, writer and keeping up with social media accounts is ALOT! So I'm gonna go with the flow and do as much as I can without burning out.

I wish you a fabulous New Year and I hope you follow your passions and live a life you are proud of.

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