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Hello Again, It's me Emma, I'm somewhat back!

Updated: Jun 15

I took a break from my writing and posting on all my social media platforms for a few months to spend as much time as I possibly could with my mother. She became sick and eventually passed away in April of this year 2022.

It's been 7.5 weeks since her death which feels like yesterday and then in the next breath like a lifetime ago. I miss her so much.

She was an incredible women who loved her family dearly. It was her love that made me strong, her care that prepared me to face the world, her hands and hugs that helped me overcome all the trying times of life. She had a special way of making things better. To me, my mum was my whole world. She was my safe place, my role model and my best friend.

She was my sunshine every day. The special bond we shared for all these years is something I will cherish forever. I was lucky to have a sense of trust that could never be broken. A depth of love unspoken and a lifelong friendship.

The greatest blessing and gift in life was having her as my mother and nanny to my son.

There are not enough words to describe just how important she was to me and what a powerful influence she will continue to be in my life.

I never knew I could miss someone so deeply and so strongly, but here I am.

There is comfort in remembering. In acknowledging that, while taken too soon, she lived and changed my life. I was loved, and she was loved too.

You will be on my mind forever and always Mama....until we meet again I love you.

Returning to England with my 2 sisters to help our father with our mum's celebration of life was an emotional yet peaceful life experience. It has prompted me to write about my self discovery journey of understanding how I am dealing with the 5 stages of grief and how I'm going to live my life without my mother, as she was a daily presence in mine and my son's life.

Loosing a parent is something we will all have to experience whether it's already happened in your past, its something you are experiencing in present or it will happen in your future. We will all navigate the 5 stages of grief in our own unique ways and move forward towards finding meaning after such a big loss.

Sending you love and light,



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