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  • Emma Cohan

The Enchantment Of The Forest

Writing Research

Whenever I find myself in the forest on a hike on my own or with my family, I am always in awe that we are in the presence of trees, they are huge, magnificent and in most cases ancient.

I am able to hear my own thoughts and feelings more clearly among the trees. I like to think that the forrest is a metaphor for our subconscious, our deepest and most primitive impulses and yearnings. I've read that long ago trees were considered to be the home of oracles with the deity whispering through the leaves.

I like to think that when you walk among trees, they offer a potential gateway between worlds. The twisted shapes of the trunks and branches feel magical and stir up thoughts of fairy tales.

Which brings me to my research of forests. In so many tales characters set out on a quest or an adventure following the long road up and across mountains and moors. Until they finally descend through a thick forest and arrive in a village with a castle or palace, where their fortune and future can be found.

In books, forests are filled with myth and magic. There are monsters, dragons and unnamed, unimaginable perils awaiting the brave of heart. Characters constantly run into danger in forests they are lost, homeless, hungry and threatened by dangerous beings - robbers, witches and wolves among other animals, or creatures prowl through the trees, seeking whom they can devour.

My story starts with a heroine leaving her home on the edge of an enchanted forest. She sets out on a road through the forest to meet new people, learn new things and have an adventure.

For my research I am looking up how forests are explored in stories: the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures, sensations, the colors, the people and things found there, related settings like a river, cave, creek, mountains and of course a waterfall may make it into my story. I'm jotting down my own list of words that amuse and inspire me to write. I plan to entertain my readers with a fresh perspective on how an enchanted forest is viewed.

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